No matter what your injury, therapeutic exercise will be a vital part of your recovery.  Our detailed functional examination performed by one of our doctors or p will determine what muscles are overactive and what muscles need to be exercised.  We will make your program customized to your goals whether its just to get out of pain or to return to an elite level of athletic competition.  By correcting your flaws in your movement patterns and posture we are able to create a more permanent solution to your problem.  We will never focus on just one area with our therapy.  Injuries will ALWAYS effect groups of tissue and multiple movements.  If an injury is only addressed in the area of complaint you will most likely see a relapse in symptoms at a later date.  Our programs are designed to create PERMANENT solutions.  Our treatment plans are designed so that after your initial treatment you have learned how to take care of your injuries and movement flaws on your own at home.  After your therapy we offer corrective exercise and fitness programs to keep you feeling great.  These are offered through our partnership with Proforce Sports Performance Training.  Click the link for more information.


Massage/Myofascial Release Therapies


It is our privilege and pleasure to partner with Proforce Sports Performance Training to offer Sports specific and adult fitness programs.  Proforce is the best at what they do in our area.  Their training staff includes former professional athletes, certified trainers, coaches, and others that will help you achieve your goals.  Our partnership allows us to help manage and prevent injuries thorugh examination, treatments, and assistance in program implementation.  Learn more about our relationship with Proforce in the video on the right or clicking here:

In a combined effort with Proforce Sports Performance Training our ACL prevention program was designed by doctors, a certified strength and conditioning coach, a corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainers, coaches, and former professional athletes.  It incorporates proper biomechanics, lower extremity strengthening, jump training, sport specific movement training, sports conditioning, and much much more.  This is a great program for you or your entire team.  We offer team discounts for this program.

Back to Sport Post Rehab Program
Acupuncture/Dry Needling
Sports Performance/Fitness Training
ACL Injury Prevention  Program

Our Back to Sport program is another program where we partner with Proforce Sports Performance Training.  It is designed as an adjunct to traditional therapeutic exercise programs.  We find that many times when athletes finish their rehab programs from injury, they are out of shape and/or still don't feel comfortable enough to reproduce explosive movements and compete at a high level.  This program will bridge that gap.  A hybrid sports performance training and therapeutic exercise program will be designed specific to your injury.  You will be stronger, faster, and more explosive when you return to the field. 




Therapuetic Exercise/Physical Therapy






We take a fresh and innovative approach to chiropractic care.  We use your history and comprehensive examination to determine where and when to adjust.  Motion restrictions of your joints can wreak havoc on your biomechanics.  This change in movement and tissue tone can have a vast affect on your bodies physiology.  It may effect nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and other parts of your physiologic make-up.  However, it is our opinion that this approach is not a cure-all as others would advertise.  It is best combined with therapeutic exercise, muscular release techniques, and other techniques to get the best results.  Chiropractic has helped many professional athletes including Jerry Rice (Pictured to the right).





Dr. Eric Hestrup is 100 hour certified in Acupuncture by the National University of Health Sciences.  His approach to acupuncture is not typical.  He uses acupuncture strictly for musculoskeletal conditions.  We apply needles to areas of increased muscular tone and use the stimulus of the needles themselves to cause a relaxation of the muscles.  Dr. Hestrup has found this very helpful in dealing with stubborn tight muscles in tendonitis, strains/sprains, among others. 

Team Physician/Sideline Program

Our nutrition coach will help you come up with a nutritional plan to reach your goals.  Whether you are trying to bulk up, lose weight, or reduce inflammation we will get you on the proper plan.  We will also identify anything that is missing in your diet or has an increased demand based on your lifestyle.  We will then prescribe a nutritional program including meals and any necessary supplements.  We offer many of these supplements directly in our office.  Ask us about our 60 day de-flame anti-inflammatory diet program. 

Nutritional Counseling/Supplementation

Our team would love to work with your team.  Our doctors and licensed athletic trainers can be available to treat and diagnose injuries on site during your games. Our doctors and staff can also provide athletic taping, stretching, and other services as well.  Clubs or teams participating in our sideline program will also receive discounts on treatments and examinations in our office.  Our organization currently provides these services for River City Lacrosse and Tri City Chargers Youth Football. 

Chiropractic Care


We believe that establishing proper tissue tone plays a large part in the initial healing of an injury and maintenance of chronic injuries/conditions.  Our doctors and licensed massage therapists will team up to ensure that we  use the right techniques to allow your muscles and ligaments to heal.  It is our belief that a program that is limited to only therapeutic exercise or chiropractic care may be missing a critical ingredient to healing.  Restoring blood flow and eliminating adhesions of muscles and ligaments is EXTREMELY important and without muscular release techniques such as massage and/or myofascial release you may be fighting an uphill battle.  We offer a variety of techniques ranging from a spa style massage to a more specific therapeutic massage.  Many times these techniques are covered by insurance.  Otherwise we offer very affordable massage packages!